At Top To Toe we combine the speed and efficiency of stripwax with a soothing and more comfortable tea-tree peel-off hot wax which is a lot less painful on sensitive areas like bikini, underarms or the face. The antiseptic properties of tea-tree oil completes this advanced professional waxing service.

Body Waxing Price
Eyebrow wax €12
½ Leg wax €20
Full Leg wax €32
Underarms €17
Lip/ Chin/ Face  
1 area €10
2 areas €17
3 areas €22
Bikini Waxing  
Basic Bikini Wax €17
This is a modest bikini wax, perfect if this is your first wax!  
Extended Bikini Wax €20
This is a tighter wax, can include abdomen, more suitable for high cut underwear or swimwear.  
Thong Bikini Wax €25
Not quite a Brazilian, the thong bikini wax removes more hair than the extended bikini wax and is suitable for G-string underwear. All the hair underneath is removed.  
Brazilian Bikini Wax €35
This leaves you with nothing but a ‘landing strip’. All the hair underneath is removed. Repeat treatment (within 4-6 week time frame) is €30.  
Hollywood Bikini Wax €35
Totally bare! All hair is removed. Repeat treatment (within 4-6 week time frame) is €30.  
The Vegas Wax €45
Combine your Hollywood or Brazilian wax with crystal gems to sparkle like a show girl! All gems are hypoallergenic, come in a variety of shapes and colours and last 3 to 5 days approximately. Gems without wax cost €15.  
Manscaping – Our Men’s Waxes  
Back Wax €30
All back hair is removed including shoulders.  
Chest Wax €30
All chest hair is removed and includes the abdominal area.  
Back and Chest Wax €50
All hair from above the waistline is removed.  
Don’t forget…
  • Please follow after-care advice by therapists. We highly recommend that you purchase tea tree lotion which prevents breakouts and the formation of ingrown hairs. Especially important for first time waxes and male treatments.
  • You can’t have a hot shower or baths for 24 hours after your wax.
  • You must avoid exercise or anything that will cause excessive perspiration
  • You can’t apply fake tan or deodorant for 12 to 24 hours after waxing

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